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Very worried


Hi, I suffer from eczema but it has always been under control and always a small patch on the back of my calf. However, about 6 weeks ago, it became very sore and itchy. It became infected and I was on antibiotics for two weeks. It almost cleared so I thought it would go on it’s own. Stupid me. 2 weeks later it has come back with a vengeance and spread to most parts of my body. I am back on antibiotics and the Dr said I would need more than 2 weeks and suspects I now have cellulitis. I’m on my 5th day of tablets but I don’t see much improvement and if anything I have more red blotches. I am very worried about this infection becoming worse and the possibility of having to be admitted to hospital as I am a diabetic and just as concerned about C-19. I am using antinhestames, paracetamol and the antibiotics as well as using a natural moisturiser. Does anyone have any other suggestions of moisturisers I could use which may help? I have hydromol also but I find it stings and makes the eczema weep. Sorry for such a long post.....

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Oh dear I feel for you. I also have eczema and last year got infected, 2 weeks antibiotic and dermovate got it under control and I was lucky to avoid cellulitis as I also have lymphoedema in left arm so already at risk. The emollient I like is Doublebase Gel, it's not too nippy at all, even where skin is open. I also use QV Intensive Ointment at night, which is the gunkiest unsexiest stuff ever, but it does help the dryness. I also find keeping the bedroom cool helps the night time itch. Oh, it's fun and games!!

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Thankyou for your reply. I also have doublebase but I find it doesn’t agree with me for some reason and makes the itch worse. One week into antibiotics and I thought yesterday was the turning point but I had a flare up last night and paying the consequence. This really is awful. I think I’ll have to start wearing mittens!

Chief57 in reply to lovesradio

By the way, How much dermovate do you use?

lovesradio in reply to Chief57

Fortunately I am now off dermovate and on Elocon for maintenance, which I use as sparingly as I can. Sorry that Doublebase doesn't help, it's a bit of a trial and error thing to get right.

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