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I have the same condition.

Did you find any relief? Were you ever diagnosed? I know this is an old post but please if you have a followup share this is making my life unbearable.

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I can’t see the original post?


What is the condition you're referring to and where on this site is the post?


Hi HappygoLucky365,

I can’t see the original post either; but I believe I’ve only posted one time. Are you referring to chronic urticaria and dermatographism?


If so, mold allergy is apparently the culprit. We purchased an air cleaner, I run an ozonater in our basement once a week. She is now taking a specific probiotic for yeast, homeopathic remedies for detoxing her system, and some general supplements.

We also found that she is allergic to Soy; which is in So many processed foods. I have cleaned up get diet as well.

She is getting better but it’s going to take a while. She only takes Claritin once or twice a week vs everyday with break through hives. She’s been like this for a while. Her system has some cleaning out to do; but it’s definitely so much better.



What condition do you have?


Hi yes I have been diagnosed with rosacea about four years ago and given antiseptic gel which helped it goes away then flared up again.I have red spots on my cheeks that won't clear up.I have a Dr app in two weeks as I am concerned that it may be Sun damage .


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