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Skin Disorder

Hello everyone! I started having this skin disorder (like cigarette burns) when I got my first period. I tried to consult to a dermatologist and she just gave me cream and told me that it’s in my blood. I don’t understand my condition. Right now, I can’t wear shorts because I have these on my legs and shoulder but not in my face. I have these at my back as well. I lost confidence and I felt ugly all the time.

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Tell me mo


What does the Dr attribute these burns to? Do you have any other symptoms? Do you have EDS?


Oh Stephania I have met a dermatologist a bit like that before, no use whatsoever. Luckily I was eventually referred by my GP to a better one who actually listened and took me seriously. Go back to your GP and make a fuss. It's horrible when our skin makes us feel ugly and lack confidence. It is possible to get better help. You could try the National Eczema Society Helpline to start with xx

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Have you had an MRI on your adrenal gland?? I would ASAP!!


Who would do MRI scan on adrenal gland?

Don't think the NHS would do this if you requested it


I would absolutely have an abdominal MRI ASAP! I have the exact same thing going on, literally !! I can’t believe I found someone who has the same issues I have had for

Months now!! If anyone else is dealing with the same, please also get in contact with me, we all may know something that the others don’t and can figure out the underlying problem.. I had just went to an endocrinologist appointment and was told that I have a large tumor on my adrenal gland. I believe that it is related to my skin issues by lookin at pictures of skin carcinoma. If anyone is having these issues please feel free to message me here anytime!!


Google Cushings disease.


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