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Skin and veins



I don't know if this is the right place but I've been unwell for 4 months now and one thig I've noticed but never properly had investigated is my skin and veins.

My skin gets red a lot quicker. Sometimes i can lean on my arm for 5 seconds and it's bright red and uncomfortable. This happens on face arms hands legs and feet. I also get aches in my legs and feet and hands occasionally. My veins in my feet and hands also pop out when I get out of a bath or when I've sat and stand up or when I've walked. Because I've had chest pain and headaches I've been getting tested for problems with these and I've pushed these problems to the side. It has coincided with my being ill and still don't know what's wrong. My being ill includes. (Dizziness, muscle weakness, feeling sick and headaches.

Many thanks for replies

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You perhaps have dysautonomia or you're reacting to something in your environment.

Thank you for your feedback

It sound's as if these symptoms are linked to your circulation, which if faulty could lead to the other symptoms that you are having investigated.

Thanks for your reply.

I've thought that too. What tests could I recommend to investigate circulation.. I've had the weakness for a few months but the cold feet and hands for about a month and my doctor shrugged it off when I mentioned it. But I keep marking easier than usual.

Can I suggest that you make a list of all your symptoms for your GP. Routine tests such as blood pressure and pulse rate can be done in pharmacies so you could take these results in with you as well.

I've had my blood pressure done 5 times in 3 months was okay every time. Blood test around 3 months ago was okay. Ultrasound on stomach was okay. Ct scan on head only showed a cyst. I'm currently on propanol to help my anxiety and my doctor said this would help blood flow when I mentioned it to him before??? I feel like its got worse though. Would circulation problems show up in blood pressure? Last 2 days I've felt dizziness more and feeling nausea and weakness.

Have you had your ears checked as earproblems can cause nausea and dizziness ?

Only a normal checkover. Been having tingling in my legs and arms last 2 days with weakness and vertigo. Feel awful

Really is sounding like circulatory problems but I am not sure exactly how these would be investigated, but all the symptoms you are having could point to this!

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