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Tiny bumps all over face

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I desperately need help with my skin. I am 22 years old and struggling with acne as well as this textured skin that looks like tiny bumps all over my face.

The bumps started in April 2018 when my menstrual cycle changed. I went to my gynecologist to get everything checked but she assured me that my hormones are fine.

Ever since then I tried a lot of things. No dermatologist or esthetician could help me. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, expensive skin care,... nothing helped. I also tried just giving my skin time to recover and to repair the skin barrier by sticking to a simple skincare routine. My skin also does not react to any treatment option for fungal acne like ketoconazol or sulfur.

I am at a point where I really do not know what to do anymore. Taking a pill would be the last option. I tried to keep my body healthy by working out and eating well.

Any tips are highly appreciated! Thank you for your help!

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Birth control pills can cause skin problems but if you aren't on them I suggest you take a desert spoon of flaxseed oil every day and 2 x 1000mg capsules of evening primrose oil - evening primrose oil dilutes sebum - which looks like the cause of your skin problem

Progesterone cream is another option for you to look into

I agree that increasing Omega 3's is important for healing skin, and zinc and Vitamin C, as well. But, skin problems are often caused by food sensitivities. Gluten, dairy, and eggs top the list, but it could literally be any food. It is very individual. You may want to try an elimination diet, one group at a time, of the top offenders to see if you notice improvement. Dairy can cause these types of fine bumps and texture you are experiencing. You could start with ditching dairy and see what happens.

Best of luck.😊

I am wondering if you have the rare, hard to diagnose, Norwegian scabies aka crusted scabies...google “crusted scabies” and see if you can find the man with the 11 year mis-diagnosis. It has a picture of his hand and he didn’t want to show anything else... you need to see a dermatologist and if you have already go back and ask him to check for that if you have the symptoms.

Have you tried the sulfur soap (lather up, let stand for 5 minutes, lather up again then scrub down with a exfoliating scrubber while rinsing off in the hottest water you can stand) then a tea tree treatment to the newly exfoliated skin (Essential Oil Labs 100% pure tea tree oil comes with a booklet for many skin healing recipes, maybe the bath or a spritzer after the sulfur soap showers). Tea tree oil has many skin healing properties and kills small hard to detect skin microorganisms and if it doesn’t kill them after 2weeks of continuous use it should at least help with your symptoms and help you feel and look better. I also heard people use the tea tree shampoo and body wash are used for preventive care for people around you too.

I hope this helps you! I’m a Laura too and think I might have this or some microorganisms gone wild so this is what I’m trying based on my research.

Also I bought the stuff from amazon.com if you want to go there and read the reviews and questions for these products...

Make sure there's no mold in your home or workplace. I know it sounds obscure, but it's really not. Microbes regularly cause unexplained, difficult to treat skin reactions and acne. So look for peeling paint, discoloration, carpets that were wet, leaking under sinks, showers/bathrooms with regular growth, sub floor problems under the house. Microbes offgas chemicals and as they break down the substrate more chemicals are released, the skin, mucous membranes and openings on body are the first affected.

If you're certain you're not being exposed to anything like that then the above suggestions are fabulous.

Thank you for all of your replies ! :)

I do take fish oil for 2 years now and zinc with vitamin C for about a year. I have been tested negative on all common food intolerances but my goal in April is to try an elimination diet and keep a food / symptom journal. Maybe that will reveal something.

I am sure that there is no mold in my home (also cause I moved six months ago and the skin concerns are still the same, I don't think it is about something in my house). I use one side of my pillow case only for one night, turn it and change it. I literally look out for everything.

I will continue (just started a bit more than a week ago) to use sulphur soap and a urea face cream and see how my skin will react to that. Additionally, I'll try a tea tree oil spritzer as a toner.

I'll keep you updated on any progress. (Also, anyone an opinion on LED light masks for at home especially for my concerns?)

i have same problem i found that in my situation cutting out gluten out of my diet changed my skin.

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Thank you for your reply !

I must say that those were really just hormonal for me (it turned out that I had super low estrogen which needed to be brought back to normal). My skin has really cleared up now fortunately and I am 'only' fighting with the hyperpigmentation and redness/dryness.

I do still have a lot of build up skin, especially on my forehead still, so maybe this is something I should consider. I do eat quite a lot of gluten.

How long after cutting out gluten would you say you saw a change in your skin?

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What did the gynecologist suggest for you to increase your estrogen levels? Did the pimple bumps diminish after getting your hormones back to normal?

Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue!

I had little pimples on my face and upper legs most of my life, coming and going. A few years ago I began to get horrible skin itching and found out that I had developed allergies to dairy, soy, most grains, eggs, and some other things. Since I took dairy and grains out of my diet the pimples have gone. I also stopped drinking tap water and switched to untreated spring water for drinking and cooking. You could try those one by one.

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