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Ingrowing toenail

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Hi, I have a really painful and infected ingrowing toenail on my right big toe and I have been to see a chiropodist and he cut the nail out for me (with no paint relief and it was really really painful). After seeing the chiropodist it was still very painful therefore I went to my GP and they gave me antibiotics however my toe still does not seem to be getting any better. To make matters worse my big toe on my left foot now also looks like it is starting to swell and redden and it is very painful I really don’t know what to do and have a three month old baby so I am on my feel a lot! I understand you can have a procedure done on the NHS to get it fully removed and cut out however they have to inject your toe and I am really bad with needles I have a terrible fear and also I know someone who has had it done and they still get the problem, I don’t want to go through all that pain to just still get an ingrown toenail. I have also been soaking my feet in warm salt water to soften the skin.

Excuse the picture I haven’t been able to do my nails as it’s so painful haha.

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I had a nail problem this time last year and saw an NHS podiatrist by self referral after seeing the GP. She explained everything thoroughly and in the end I didn't need nail removal. Worth persisting to get the infection cleared and then look at next steps. Good luck x

Ouch! Looks v.sore! My son has had similar problems from time to time. He picks his toenails and has been told that had caused an infection. I am not suggesting you do this but i did it to my son and it helped : I stuck a needle down the nail edge into the skin this pierced the skin and loads of puss came out! I then kept the toe clean by covering with a plaster/ band aid for few days while it kept pussing! Looks like a witlow to me. The Pin thing is Something i saw my gran do to my dad when i was younger

Hope my experience helps. Look up witlows

P :)

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