Welcome to my life...... HS... I hate it!!!! :)

I contracted HS when I was 18. (32 years ago - Yeah! I'm old). I was told straight off from a works nurse that it was only dirty people who get puss lumps under their arms. I had a massive lump under my right armpit. Because of this, I kept it and didn't consult my GP. However, it quickly spread to the groins and my other armpit. I have also had it behind my ears. Many years down the line and many different treaments later, I have had incision and skin grafting and all sorts of other cut and pack operations. Currently I am still seeing a fantastic surgeon and a team of dermatologists. Still ain't going away. In fact, because I cannot take time off work, yes I still work full time in a very demanding job, the condition is getting worse. The financial aspect is making it difficult to have time to go into hospital for operations and then recovery. I spent many years on benefits through operations and cannot go through that again. I am in pain 24/7 and have a few down days but I wish to say that, although I have a most severe case of HS, I have many days where I am thankfull for the help and support of my medical professionals including my two GPs. I wish to know if there are any local support groups in the Glasgow and west of Scotland area. Anyone update me????? Thank you!! :)

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  • Hi Bio-thingey, sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time. Maybe 'Spot' on this site can offer you some advice on support groups.

    I know there's a British Association for HS based in Chatham, Kent (you probably already know this). I suppose you could try emailing them to see if they know of any groups in your area.

    E-Mail: enquiries@ba-hs.org.uk

    I wish there was some more info I could give you.

    Take Care, Shell.

  • Thanks Shell, I appreciate it. I'll go digging. :)

  • I am not local to you but I empathise with wat you are going thru. My first attack was when I was

    17 and I was told I had scabies!! - i also felt very bad, very dirty. It's a bad condition but did you know it is genetic and appears once the body is thru puberty?? - Spot

  • Thanks Spot...I have been asked if anyone in my family has it suggesting it may be genetic. In my case it is not..unless someone ain't telling the truth. LOl. Also I reckon I am well beyond puberty and it's getting worse not better. Wish it was as you suggest but it ain't. I have the worst form of this ailment that most of my health support have ever seen. I am expected to go into hospital again soon for some major cut and reconstruction. I was just looking to see if there was any local support that maybe holds a group meeting for a bit of support. I am finding this is getting increasingly harder to cope with as it gets worse. Thanks anyway...If you do hear of anything, drop me a line. Good luck to you too. :)

  • Hi!. Im not sure if anyone still uses this site but I too suffer HS. I was diagnosed 5 years ago and have since suffered greatly. at first it was random flares but for past 6 weeks I have not had a break at all. Its constant this time and they are always infected. i feel so ill and tired and i wish someone would come up with a decent treatment for us.

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