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any recommendations


since being diagnosed with diabetes type 2 my legs will suddenly become unbearably itchy I try not to itch it but I just cant help it. I scratch it till the point when it gets sore and painful and scabs over. I am going on a cruise within a week so would rather do with out, what is best to either stop the itchy or stop the itching from scabbing. preferably affordable from boots or Superdrug would be ideal please

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There are several things you can try:

- Chickweed and / or plantain ointment can work extremely well for itching. OR you can just get some chickweed and / or plantain, and make a strong tea out of it, then soak clean white cotton cloths in the tea and apply them to your legs. Let sit for a while and repeat several times a day if needed

- Extra Virgin Coconut oil (cold pressed, raw if possible) will help a lot, especially fresh out of the shower when you are still a little damp. Don't slather on too much of this or the above (chickweed) or you will leave grease spots every where - ha ha

- Get a steroid cream (probably requires a script for some reason..) and use that as needed

Good luck getting it straight before your vacation

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Hi Michelle, sorry if you've already replied to me, but what brand do you use? x

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