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Facial Seb. Dermatitis

Hi guys,

New to this site - I am on NRAS. Diagnosed with RA 5 years ago at 61 years old, I am currently controlled by Methotrexate. Three days before Christmas I developed a horrific red rash side of nose, under nose, all around mouth and covering chin. It frightened my gp who thought it might be a toxic allergic reaction to Methotrexate and sent me immediately to hospital where the consultant dermatologist diagnosed facial seborrhoaic dermatitis. Currently using Dermol 500 to shower/moisturise and daktacort cream twice a day. Apparently, once the flare is under control, I will have to continue this regime using the cream 2 x weekly as the best prognosis is control, no cure possible.

I would appreciate any tips/advice you have, as I always found such expertise and knowledge on the NRAS site.

And a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy 2018 to you all!

Onwards and upwards........

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I’m sorry I am not up to date with treatment options but I want to reassure you that this condition can clear entirely. I used to suffer from it badly and found using hydrocortisone sparingly at the first sign of a flare up was the bst option for me. It first started in my 20s at the time of a separation/loss in my life. After having psychotherapy in my 30s the condition almost cleared, on occasions I used the hydrocortisone eventually it cleared and didn’t return. I have been free of the condition for over 20 years. I hope my experience will give you hope. It is interesting to notice the connection between mind and body. Good luck.


Thanks for the positive response, Emily.

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