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New...looking for derm expert in inflammatory diseases

Hi, I have a 2 year history of a seemingly inflammatory scalp condition that has caused terrible hair loss. First dx with sebohorreic dermatitis and then psoriasis. Basically, sebum builds up in thick layers on my scalp and kills my hair follicles (it does not make my hair greasy). Red dots and cherry angiomas have popped up and small bumpy sores as well (perhaps follicitus). Have had inconclusive scalp biopsy and have tried every steroid/anti-fungal/herbal solution under the sun. Basically, nothing topical works. My hair looks healthy (a little on the dry side), but it won't stay in my head, and at times during the month when my prolactin is high (ovulation, period), my scalp throbs. Seems like some sort of inflammatory response to androgens (got worse after stopping my birth control). Does anyone know of a dermatologist who is an expert in inflammatory processes. I've seen 3 dermatologists locally, and they can offer no more help. Please respond if you have a suggestion! I'm willing to travel. At this point, I'm losing all my hair and my sanity too.

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What area are you?


I'm in the Midwest United States, and am willing to travel


Hi! when i was 13 i had a similar problem, my hair started falling out slowly due to bad skin on my scalp. My doctor recommed this:

It made my hair stronger and moisturised my scalp! As reading this i think your condition is alot worse then i had, but i would recommend trying it. I think is wont completely solve your hair loss, but i think it would help strengthen it! Xx


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