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Pillar Cysts or Sebaceous Cysts ?

Hello, im a 17 year old male, who's been dealing with either "Pillar Cysts" or "Sebaceous Cysts ". It has been around 4/5 years iv'e had this on my scrotum. It gives off a really foul stench as well looking really bad and it's not just one bump it's many yes i have acne as well. And i don't really wanna tell my GP or my dad or anyone else. I was wondering if there is home cure/remedy to treat this. If it helps i got like a pharmacy near my house. Can someone please! give me a solution or advise me.


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Some people must be prone to getting them like myself! I totally sympathise and understand how your feeling even though I'm a girl! I had one in my breast and one in my back started about 7 years ago! , had it drained but then kept getting infected throughout my first pregnancy and burst my scar open so eventually had day surgery to have it out! Then the one on my back has been infected a few times also to the point it turned into a enormous abscess and had to have it drained only this Saturday just gone under a general anaesthetic! Although I'm having it dressed everyday by a nurse and it's very painful , I would say this is what you need to ask your doctor about , having it drained properly and then hopefully taken out fully! It's the only way to try and solve your pain and uncomfortableness! Especially in such a delicate area! Hope you get it sorted!


But I'm too shy to ask the doctors like how do I say it I'm so afraid. Besides it's only cysts there's like a few big ones and alot of smol ones.


Please don't be afraid to ask your doctor , that's what they are there for! If they causing you pain and your uncomfortable , when I first started with mine I've had I went to see the doctor I was most comfortable with and this put me at ease!


But I'm only 17 and idk how to word it cause it'll get awkward and my parents come with me whenever I go.


Can't you speak to your parents about it too? Im 36 and a mother myself but I couldn't do without my parents support even at my age! Hope you get sorted!


Watch doctor pimple popper on YouTube. The sack needs to be taken out

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