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Skin problem

Hi I'm Mery from Philippines , I just want to know what should I do with my skin. I don't know what is it called but it happens when I was in grade 4 my doctor gave to me phenobarbital and the reaction to my skin was severe. It look likes a burned all over my body and my nails also changed. I've been coma for 3 days. Now, its been 10 years had passed but my skin does not back to its normal color. There was a white mark all over my body and its disgusting. I don't know what to do. Pls help me.

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Honey, there is a very famous model who has white patches on her black skin. If it is vitiligo it's not disgusting. My daughter,who has white skin has a few patches. Be glad that this model is bravely showing everybody her patches,she is not ashamed. Could you try and think the same and be proud of your body. Hold your head high.dont worry,people will soon see the real you not your patches. I don't understand the bit about the coma. Xxx


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