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Last September I had BCC rodent ulcer removed from my knee. I have noticed that what I thought was only a spot on my nose, might actually be a BCC again. It doesn't heal over completely. I have a feeling that it's another BCC. Because of the location (on my nose) I'm reluctant to get it removed. I scar so badly and am light skinned so it'll show up really badly on my face. I'm not at all a vain person but I am a very anxious person with not a lot of confidence as it is. Do i have to get it removed? I'd be grateful for any advice please.

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  • I have a similar situation and have just left it for a while. I do keep an eye on it though and make sure I always wear a high sun factor protection. If it develops or behaves differently suddenly I would get it removed- asap BCC is slow growing and can just be scraped off and not require stitches. Get it checked to ensure type though.

  • Thank you for your reply otti. I think i need to just get it checked. I could really do without this right now,as I'm due a hysterectomy soon. All at once it seems my body has failed it's MOT. I'm honestly ok with getting old but all these health issues are quite annoying when ultimately I'm actually quite a healthy person.

  • I have BCC I'm having one removed in my inner thigh and having PDT on some others that haven't healed. I'm worried as have as many as 12. They said mine are a side effect from the radiotherapy I had when I had Leukaemia. I have enough side effects from the radiotherapy and chemo. Very difficult to deal with this too. But I don't let on even to my fiance that it will never go away. You need to do what is needed to remove it before it gets worse.

  • Hiya, just wondering if you've heard of Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS), it is a specialist type of surgery to remove as little skin as they can in these type of cases. So if it is unfortunately BCC this could definitely be a good option for you as it won't leave an obvious scar on your nose. Hope this helps.

  • Hi morgs17 thanks for your reply. I'm not too clued up on that procedure but it sounds good. I have to face it (literally 😉) Wish this wasn't happening though.

  • Back again

    Yes it is the MMS - other reply referred to it to.

    You can have the procedure ( scraping removal of suspect cells until clear margin as opposed to cut and stitch - your scar will be virtually invisible. Hope that puts your mind at rest.


  • Thank you

  • Please be sensible and have your nose checked by a professional ...I had the tiniest spot on the tip of my nose which didn`t get any bigger just would not actually heal completely.My G P diagnosed BCC and said * don`t worry it is very slow growing ,we could leave it for 2/3 years ..I also saw a very experienced dermatologists privately at the cost of £135.00 pounds who said the same thing. I had MOHS surgery 2 months ago and it took 3 procedures to get clear margins .MOHS is not a simple *scraping away * of skin .I had a hole 6mm across and 6mm deep covering 2/3thirds of my nose before my surgeon could get clear margins .This was closed by a PENG closure with dissolvable stitches ,which gives a much better result than a skin graft and can be done the same day.I am very fortunate as the surgeon who performed my MOHS and the closure was surprised himself how extensive the BCC was ,we were both extremely relieved when the lab reported clear margins ....The results of the original biopsy showed BCC but the results of what was removed show Infilterartive BCC which is much more aggressive.The procedure took from 8.00 until 17.00 in totally and was done under local and completely pain free.The idea of MOHS is although it is still an invasive procedure they operate in stages and send each stage to the lab to check the margins .. I e 10mins operating and 1 to 2 hours waiting for lab results .....rather than make a large incision and hope they have it all. MOHS takes the minimum tissue needed to get clear margins and has a higher success rate .It is not by any means my intention to scare anyone about BCC only to give a clearer picture BCC is a cancer and the sooner it is got rid of the better. May I add that I had to persist to get MOHS surgery and travel 110miles to the specialist Hospital.

    My nose looks really fantastic considering .

  • Thank you silly soft. I've been to go and she done the 2 week referral. I'm honestly hoping it gets sorted with the least bit of scarring. To confirmed it was another BCC.

  • Please forgive my ignorance, but what is a PENG closure, Silkysoft?

  • Hi, you can ask your skin cancer related questions here before 11th May for an answer from a dermatologist talkhealthpartnership.com/f...

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