For a change Cellulitis in my Left leg

For a change Cellulitis in my Left leg

This is my latest bout of Cellulits courtesy of grazing my knee coming off my bicycle

Different penicillin to go with the Fluxocillin now finished ,my wife points out I was breathing shallowly as it came on, this is day 13 of the attack,I have 5 days of antibiotics left. Previous attack was on holiday two years ago... This is about my 7th attack

Overweight but not Diabetic.

Comments, aftercare advice,prevention advice

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Skincare probably priority using any preferred emollient, at least twice a day. Also treat any injuries to skin as quickly as possible to clean and add topical antiseptic/antibacterial cream or liquid. Enjoy your cycling but maybe carry antibacterial wipes with you to prevent infection getting a headstart!

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