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Hello all,, I am new here I have had sensitive skin since I was 16 and have always had to be careful of what i used on my skin especially my face... I have had different complaints over the years and been mis-diagonised wrongly by doctors and given the wrong treatment for the problem. so i did a lot of investigation and research to try and help myself.. i have Roscesa and I find that an antibiotic named Doxycyclyne works for me along with a gentle cleanser BIODERM AR (ANTI REDNESS) WATER. and I use a makeup/ treatment BIODERM AR TINTED CREAM as a makeup and coverup.. they both last for ages and even my dermatologist is pleased with the progress and the makeup had a S p f in it too . i looked awful my leisons were red ,risen ,stinging and burning and they came out all around my nose and mouth area // with one day of using the Doxy the pain went and after a three month low dosage course my skin looked normal again I continue using the BB cream and the cleanser to keep it all up. I was complimented recently on my complexion and it was like winning the lottery for me... ask your Doctor about the Doxycycelyne (maybe not spelled correctly ) also known as DOXY It is specifically for roscesca treatment/ let me know how you got on.. and do get the Bioderma .. good luck to my fellow sufferers . I am fortunate that I live in the UK so pay about £8.50 for a prescription for the Doxy but the Bioderma I buy from the pharmacy It costs approx £30 for the cleanser and the BB cream and lasts for about 2/ 3 months.. I will be happy to answer any questions

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What a lovely post. It will help a lot of people on this forum x

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a friend of mine swears by proskin rosacea if that's any help to anyone. I recommended mama nature to her and she keeps thanking me for it.


thanks I will investigate this..


Hi Barbarelli, hope it helps :)


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