Sun damage on scalp

I went to my GP because of the red patches which is sun damage on my scalp. They became itchy and sore. As I am bald I always wear a cap when I am out but I believe the damage was done years ago when I got sunburnt once.? I am using Fluorouracil every other day as the GP prescribed for 8 weeks. Has anyone used this and does it work in destroying the cells?

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  • I have sun damage from early days abroad in Africa. I saw a skin specialist to have a suspect lump removed from my thighs. he also saw my head & said loads of sun damage there I will give you something for it. I got PICATO; 3 tiny tubes. 1 a day for 3 days. my wife put a tiny drop on each damaged bit. they started blistering up straight away. making me hide for a few days. all the damage disappeared leaving nice new skin it its place. extremely amazing but I was told extremely expensive. But I am a new 74 year old now!

  • That sounds good stuff. If what I am using doesnt work I will ask my GP about PICATO. My problem is that I live on my own and I find it difficult putting the cream on the right places on my head. One spot is easy to see but the others at the back of my head are difficult.

  • You would have to have help once a day to apply it!

  • Have you tried using a mirror behind you while looking in a mirror? I have used that to see patches on my back that I need to put ointment on!

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