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Itchy scalp

Suffering for at 9 months. Awful and getting worse. I’ve been using a lavender infused bed pillow and I saw a mention of an allergy to the type of lavender used. Anyone have thoughts on lavender sensitivity and or itchy scalp. No dandruff or bumps. Just intense itchy ness non stop.

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Have you tried sleeping on a different, non-fragranced pillow? Have the symptoms improved? If they have, then ditch the old pillow and steer clear of lavender. Many people have sensitivities to essential oils. They are powerful and must be used judiciously. Just because it comes from nature doesn't mean that everyone can tolerate/ use. Essential oils can work wonders, but if you use too much and become sensitized, then you won't be able to use that particular oil again. It may even lead to a problem in using any essential oil, depending on your system.

Also, your skin/ scalp problem could have a different underlying cause (shampoo, soap you use) that is further aggravated by the lavender or some other material the pillow contains.

It could be diet related (food sensitivity) or environmental/ chemical allergens, as well.

I think the best place to start is by sleeping on fresh laundered sheets and pillow case (on a different pillow). Use fragrance free laundry soap and no scented dryer sheets. You can use white vinegar in the rinse as fabric softener. Hopefully, that will solve the problem. If not, then you can start investigating diet and other possible allergens.

Hope you are itch free soon😊


Hello I suffered with severe dermatitis of the scalp caused by stress/shock where it constantly irritated 24/7. I lost lots of hair due to this. Through supplements and treatments it is now 99% better.

To relieve the itching I use half mouthwash and half witch hazel, I do recommend this. Also change pillows as the previous post recommends.

Hope that helps and that you are itch free soon.


I have the same problem and used a steroid foam. It worked for a while but no longer. It was a very strong steroid so it's just as well I don't use it any more. May I ask what supplements and treatments you used that made it 99% better. That is wonderful. I also have itches on my body that come and go. I think it's related to my ms so I'm kinda out of luck there. Itching is a horrible affliction. It sounds innocent but I've been reduced to tears and severe depression.


Hi Organic - I think a lot of people (me and my sisters included) love lavender, but are allergic to direct contact. I had a sleep pillow that I had made, but I had put lavender in it and it make me break out.. Also, take a look at my answer to Ikeeptrying about some shampoos you can try. Dr. Bronner's also makes bar soap. (I generally make my own for that exact reason). Good luck getting this straight..


Hi organic I have had a terrible itchy scalp with no obvious dermatitis or dryness. I also have itchy out top surfaces of both ears. feels almost like a chilblain would. I just noticed the pharmacy gave me synthroid by Mercury last month and now question if this could be associated side effect. My Doc also double my dose to 50mg. today I am back on the Tiva brand and I am hopefully this is the answer. interested in others expereince


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