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Strange discoloration under the eyes

Strange discoloration under the eyes

I have a strange dark mark under my eyes that extend laterally towards my ears. It is more prominent on the left under eye. Some other cousins and people from my family have it too, more or less severe. I have gotten it checked multiple times and each time the dermatologist diagnoses different things and prescribes different creams. Some have called it a fungal disease, some have called it a halo, some have said it is due to stress or sunlight while others have said it's genetic. It is really obvious and i'd really be obliged if you find a solution for this please

Thank you.

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I would say it's genetic if other people in your family have this. I don't think it's a fungal disease. It really doesn't look bad at all - use light makeup on the face to blend it in with the rest and nobody should notice.


I do use concealer everyday which is why it's so annoying that i have to hide it with makeup. It's pretty visible irl. The camera isn't doing it justice -_-

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Believe me - I think you have great skin (olive skin never seems to age) and I would never have noticed!

Just wish I could turn back time..darn.


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