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Face and neck feel burnt

Hi, For the last month I have had issues with the skin on my face and neck feeling hot/burnt. It seems to happen randomly at any time of the day and can last for large parts of the day. I have looked at the symptoms for rosacea and although the characteristics are similar I am not sure it is that? Although there is some redness it is not that visible and I haven't noticed the lumps and spots that seem common with the condition. I am not particularly fair skinned, dont have blue eyes and I am not generally prone to redness etc.

I guess my question is what else could be causing it if it is not rosacea? Any other conditions with these symptoms?

Thanks for your help....

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If you have a history of corticosteroid use, it could be the burning typical of steroid withdrawal.

Hope you find the answer soon x


Hi Manuka, No history of corticosteroid use and I am not currently on any medication so cant be that. It is a mystery and an unpleasant one at that.


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