Vitiligo or something else

Hi My daughter (9) has just been told she has vitiligo although two doctors said it may be eczema!!!!! She has had a fungal infection on her feet and now patches (white) have appeared on her hands and around her eye although her eye was inflamed and red/scaly and then the whiteness appeared. I really don't know what it is perhaps it is vitiligo or perhaps a fungal infection. The dermatologist only looked at it quickly. There is no auto immune or thyroid problems in the family - any suggestions?

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  • Sounds more like vitiligo than eczema.....

  • I would suggest that you get a firm diagnosis and speak with your doctor basically saying you want it properly diagnosed so you can treat it properly.

  • Hi, I have had Vitilgo for most of my life. In my very young days my mother used to think I was not washing properly where different coloured skin patches were. Over a lot of years the brown pigment was slowly disappearing from everywhere leaving me looking quite blotchy looking (called patch work quilt at times). In the sun, the pigment area would turn brown and the white areas burn and go red. The last areas to loose it were knuckles and joints etc, now I have no pigment. It does mean I have to apply total sun block or high factor cream to even go shopping as I can burn within an hour, even on a warm but cloudy day. The creams do work as I have been to Florida and Turkey without issues but unless swimming I never take a tee-shirt off. It is something that I have learned to live with even though it is a bit of a chore having to put cream on all the time during the day. Having said that luckily I get away with applying it once which seems to last the day.

  • When not burnt skin affected by vitiligo looks entirely normal apart from the absence of pigment. Many other superficially similar conditions have changes in skin profile or texture.

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