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My young daughter needs help to figure out what she has

My daughter is 4 in November and has suffered an ever changing ever present skin disorder which is becoming more and more unaffected by topical steroids/antihistamines/antibiotics

Her specialists at addenbrooke's Cambridge are at a loss it seems and continue to prescribe unaffective treatments.

She presents differently over time and has flare ups but always has plaques and lesions which never go. She suffers chronic itchiness through the night and is like something possessed when she starts and I cannot stop her. Again, antihistamines prove unaffective, even phenergan which does not sedate her.

She is covered from scalp to her feet, although her torso seems the least affected area with only a couple of lesions from hip to hip.

She is chronically fatigued and has been unable to attend nursery thus far.

Any advice is greatly appreciated

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SKIN is the biggest organ and when any disease appears on the skin that means the toxic matter is thrown out from with in . If any topical solution is applied , disease would be driven to the internal more vital organs .The cure should be from with in . Since she is very small ,it can't be because of wrong life style or wrong diet . It is better to go for homeopathy and if a good constitutional medicine is given she would be alright . I am given to understand that homeopathy is not recognised as a science abroad . Homeo pathy has very beautiful cures for mental diseases and skin diseases In the meanwhile you can try to give brewer's yeast to her in food . Sometimes it clears the case .


Homeopathy isn't recognised where I am from. At this point I am willing to try anything. We've changed her diet a few times now and it's made no difference. Where is the best place to learn about homeopathy for skin conditions? Thank you for your reply


try to add brewer's yeast to her food .Homeopathy is a science in it's own way and takes minimum 10 years to acquire mastery in the subject with practical experience . Or else if you know any person in Germany you try to get , 'Psorinum 1m ' in powder form in three packets . ONE PACKET GIVE ONCE IN A MONTH.That washes out all the toxic matter from with in .


I empathised with you and such a lovely girl should end her sufferings asap. I have a herbal and natural extracts of turmeric, cinnamon and algae which I believe will at least help to contain the skin conditions. It has helped dozens of patients but I do have 3 cases of no improvement after application.

Just apply it on an small affected spot to see the effect in 1 day and whether it heals in terms of the ulcers, lesions and itch, it if does not, don't bother to apply further. If you are keen, then let me have your email our any address which I can courier the herbal extracts to you. This is given free of charge but my consolation is to see her attend the nursery immediately as any other child would. God Bless!

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That's overwhelmingly generous of you. I am also happy to try natural remedies as the amount of steroids inside and outside of her are starting to get to me as I know there are side effects. My email is

I shall send my address through that. Thank you so much for your kind words, I just want her suffering to stop and it warms my heart to know people such as yourself will go out of their way to see a strangers daughter get better. I loon forward to hearing from you :)


Hi I have many autoimmune (lupus, RA, addisons) and skin problems related to lupus, vitiligo, Roscea, and other undiagnosed stuff.

I was under Peterborough hospital and am now under addenbrookes.

The difficulty is that steroids, antibiotics and antihistamines are pretty much all the hospital have to offer.

I was recommended a chap called Mazin from Avicenna clinic in Brighton by my brother. He has a skin disease and allergy clinic and seemed to know a lot about gear different things were. He prescribed decoded herbs, tinctures and creams that were personalised for me. I've been seeing him for 2 years, on and off, as my condition evolves. My medication is very expensive, around £200-350 a month but it's the only thing that's helped. I've managed to come off steroids after 6 years. If you can, look him up. But I hope your daughter finds some relief x


Thank you I now realise that the harsher stuff is what they have to offer and would love for her to be off steroids, as I've come across steroid induced conditions and other harmful side affects which I want to start avoiding where possible. I have a few things to look into but I will definitely keep this in mind, and thank you for taking time to reply to me it's much appreciated :)


Thank you for your advice it is definitely more appealing to me to try alternative medicines rather than these damaging things she is on at present. Thank you for the links I shall have a look tomorrow :)


PLEASE try homeopathy .


I'm Very sorry to read about the sufferings of your daughter but am also surprised that she hasn't been in the care of a dermatologist. From my own experience it's very likely she has an auto-immune skin disorder. In this case topical creams are not the answer and she would need a systematic anti-immunity treatment which can be successful in many cases. To test for the above normally a dermatologist takes a skin biopsy which can confirm or not the presence of certain antibodies in the blood stream and then identify the type of disorder.

With best wishes


Hello thank you for your reply

She has been under specialists at addenbrooke's for the past 2 years and has regular bloods swabs and occasional skin scrapings. A little while ago she presented with blisters on her palms and soles of her feet which got the dermatologists to discuss skin biopsies but she had no further blistering after antibiotics so they cancelled them :/ I'm going to try and push for them again as through all of my research I have realised they are more likely to do damage control rather than pin pointing a specific disorder in her, which is no longer good enough due to lack of improvement

Thank you


You can even try to get her to have placenta injections with the help of doctors . Discuss that with them .


Sorry could you explain what the benefit of placebo injections would be?


Placenta injecction . Sorry not placebo . It is a typing mistake . Placenta injection sometimes boosts up the immunity.


Oh I see now haha I've never heard of that before I'll see what our derm says at our next appointment


placentrix injections boost up the immunity and when once immunity system gets strengthened any problem gets solved. ONce I suggested that in case of a severe form of psoriasis. Psoriasis is different from this case . But here main idea is to awaken the fighting capacity of the body .


Hi Lisa-Marie , I have read through your replies to comments, and 1 stood out instantly for me, you mentioned blisters and hands and feet, I have been suffering for month with the exact same symptoms, doctors were baffled.. It itching is the worst part of it all, it is so intense, I can't discribe it.

All in all, it came to light I had pompolyx eczema , a rare form of eczema.

Maybe look it up and have a read, see if this help, good luck x


Hey. I know I might be a little late but if the problem is still persisting, maybe choose a vegan diet/lifestyle? I have been following this lifestyle for a few months and my skin has improved (and acne has cleared up). I know acne is not the case here but maybe it could be an option?

Watch this for more? I know it might be scary but it might even work!

Good luck!


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