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Itchy Eyebrows

Itchy Eyebrows

The last week or so I've had really itchy eyebrows and it's becoming really irritating, especially as I'm a 21 year old girly girl and I like my makeup! At first I thought it could be a new makeup product I'm using but it's nothing that goes around the eyebrow area. I've stopped wearing makeup the last few days and it still itches as much as before. It's not just my eyebrows though, it's also my temples (next to my eyebrows), my cheekbone on the left hand side of my face, the bridge of my nose and also the middle of my forehead. I did think it could be heat rash but be never had this issue before. There's no dry skin, flakiness or any bumps or spots, it's just extremely itchy which then results in my skin going red from scratching. I've attached a photo and you can slightly see the red areas. It looks like sunburn but where I'm from it's been raining so that's out of the question! Has anyone got any idea what it could be and how to treat it? 

P.s ignore my red eyelids along my lash line, I've just been rubbing my eyes!

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It might appear to be. Simple solution but do try it . 

Our go told me to try using head and shoulders shampoo for my husband . He had Parkinsons which can also cause skin problems .  

I thought it would make it worse but it didn't .

Just let the shampoo run over the face and wash it . 

You don't need to use it all the time . Use as required ..

My husband s prob was in the same place even affected eye lashes . And ears . 

When he goes to bed now I smear alight film of Vaseline in eye lashes . This stops them getting crusty and eyes gritty good luck 


From time to time I have  several of itching episodes, in fact for the past few days, have been itching like crazy, the eye lids , entire face, even my eyes, I contribute it to another part of the lupus. I was prescribed a  medicated antibotic.


Hello, Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I get it every now and again. Have you changed your shampoo, I know it sounds strange but hair products can occasionally affect the face. Try using Simple or hypo-allergenic products such as Clairol. It may be that your skin is dry so you could put a smear of Vaseline across your eyebrows. Good luck


Hello! I know exactly how that feels as I have eczema but the bodies immune system s constantly changing and it's reaction to allergens can change at anytime, especially if you have generally sensitive skin. Do you get you your eyebrows or any part of your face threaded or waxed? that could be a trigger if it's not from any of the other products mentioned below. If you want something that isn't high level treatment, go for a soothing product such as Aloe Vera gel. I swear by Aloe Vera. You could also use an antihistamine to help with the itchiness - I hope that helps and generally hope you're feeling better.


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