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Skin rash on bottom

Skin rash on bottom

I have itchy skin which is usually dry, flaky on my right cheek of the seat of my bum, not at very easy place to see. Sometime I feel raised puffy bits/inflammation.

I'm not sure if it is compulsive scratching, eczema, bacterial. I don't think it if fungal becuase I tried Lamisil for a week it actual made it feel worse. Like I said it is only on the right side, not sure why. If it was contagious you would expect the left side to take due to close proximity, but it hasn't.

I do get psoriasis on chest, at my hairline, behind and in my ears, (previously on my arm but no longer) but it is very well treated. So long as i use oilatum, I don't have a problem. I know these areas don't like steam, or sweat, when I had an operation on my skull just the sterile gauze and sweat cause very angry reaction.

This problem doesn't feel the same as psoriasis. It doesn't have the same edges surface, the flaking is totally different.

I have included a high res picture (tastefully cropped), you are able to zoom in on areas

Thanks in advance for help.

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It looks a bit like my eczema which I suspect is a bit infected in patches. There never seems to be any rhyme or reason why one side/arm/leg/hand is affected but the other isn't!


Thanks very much.


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