Mole on back has become scabby

Mole on back has become scabby

Hi everyone!

I have a mole on my back that has recently become scabby and bleeds often, it also feels incredibly rough and it very painful. I've tried a load of different creams etc but it is not healing. I've had problems with this mole on/off for a couple of weeks now. I will be trying to book a doctors appointment on Monday as I am really concerned that it will be cancerous.

I have previously had a mole removed and pre-cancerous cells removed also and I have a family history of skin cancer. I had previously used sunbeds in my mid teens (I'm 23 now).

Just wondering from peoples experience/knowledge if anyone can offer me any advice on if this is normal or not? Or if anyone had ever had a mole that looks like this?

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  • Always, always, always get advice from doctor. Keep going back if your not satisfied. My daughter used sun beds, she has had lots of bcc ,s removed. She has to go back regularly and always more are found. She went back for ten years and insisted on seeing a dermotologist. Who confirmed a bcc. Don't worry ,they are treatable and slow growing, but that doesn't mean don't seek advice. Good luck. The one you have got is as symmetrical, but I don't think they usually hurt.

  • I have also a flat beauty spot not raised mole on my left breast , that has become raised and crusty worried about it ? I'm a smoker yes I need go see my GP but afraid to ? How do I add a pic on here ??

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