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Unbearable pruritus ani - want to die

I am, apparently, a healthy 30-years-old woman. Apparently, because for the last 6 years and a half I've been suffering from unbearable pruritus ani. This is not even my formal diagnosis, but it's the term that covers my symptoms in the most accurate way. It has gone up and down over the years, no apparent triggers. During the last weeks it has just been unbearable and it's giving me an anxiety I won't be able to manage for much longer. Recently, I couldn't sleep and was on ice for 3 days in a row. I was so desperate that ended up going to A&E in Exeter, where I was working that week. They referred me to the walk-in clinic and it was the worst experience of my life - the nurse telling me she couldn't do anything and that I should go to the GP. Do you think I haven't been to the GP??? I've lost count of how many doctors I've seen during all these years. I'm currently waiting to do another test but that's my life - waiting while nothing works and I just suffer. I've tried all the possible creams. Done allergy tests. Avoided detergents, certain foods, etc. I've tried to do nothing. Relaxation. Nappy creams. Nothing works. Just the ice, which will give me a couple of minutes of relief. I know there must be "emergency" treatments for stubborn cases - corticosteroid injections, methylene blue injections... but apparently not for me. For me everything is "oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately this is a very tricky condition. Let's just do this test to rule this out and in the meantime just try to be gentle with the area". IT'S NOT A BIT OF ITCH. IT'S AN UNBEARABLE ITCH THAT IS GOING TO KILL ME. I try to have a normal life but many times I've not been able to. I used to be very cheerful, active, sporty. I can't anymore. Will any doctor believe me and try to do something different to "waiting" if I tell them I'd rather kill myself than knowing this will continue for the rest of my life?

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Ask your GP to try Canestan HC which is what I use. Works well for me. Clemmie


I just want to say how miserable you must be with the complete lack of support thus far from our so called 'health professionals'. But so glad you posted to this forum where you get support and also great practical suggestions. Good luck with finding a solution to this disabling condition.


You poor thing. You are very distressed.  Can you go to a reccomended female doctor privately. One who will listen to you and get to the root of it all. Obviously she will want to do tests, but hang on in there,if she is good, relief will be on the way. I could  tell you a good ,very good woman. Are you in the herts ,Essex area..? If not go to a woman's group WI or similar and ask if anybody there knows a good medic. Other women may have a positive story to inform you of.

Don't,don't,kill yourself when hope may be just round the corner. This may sound stupid,but you know those headache pads that are cold. They may provide some relief for you.worth a try. Of course, I done mean put one on your forehead.


I completely understand your frustration! Pruritus ani will literally take over your life and you forget what a good night's sleep feels like! I also did the who doctor thing and they sound clueless! There's info and products out there, but most of it is garbage!

Please do not kill yourself though! Look up's an ointment that saved my sanity after suffering with anal itching for over 8 years! It's worth every penny and was developed by people just like us! There is hope with Pranicure I promise!


Hello Caterineta

My Dad is 70-something young and has anal itch so unbearable he wishes God takes his life.

It started with compound of Diltiazem, Lidocaine and

Hydrocortisone to treat anal ulcers (Oct 2017)

Then Doctor suggested Calmoseptine, which FLAIRED UP anal itch (Nov 2017)

Dad is taking all precautions to be gentle to anal area and uses A & D ointment, but nothing works.

Did anything work for you?

We are in USA, by the way


Try Chinese medicine including teas and cream


Try Chinese medicine including tea and cream


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