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Help. Intense unbearable itching


Hi, I have just joined and am hoping someone can help me. Every now and then I get a flare up on my hands. Starts with a tingle sensation then within a couple of hours I get a rash which starts off pink but quickly turns very dark red and purple within hours. Intense itching and localised swelling. After a few days the skin dies and peels off and then it's gone for another few months. The odd thing is the lesions appear of the side of my ring finger on my left hand and between the index and middle finger off both hands. No where else as a rule although this time it seems more severe and has also affected a couple more areas which it hasn't done before. GP is stumped. Ordered another load of blood tests. I've now taken pictures if need to see a specialist it will have gone by the time I get in. Anyone else experienced this?

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This sounds and looks really sore and itchy which is horrible for you as there seems to be no solution. Good idea to take photos to show specialist! My skin is far worse at night so if I visit GP in the morning she wonders what I am complaining about!

That's the problem. To start with it doesn't look too bad. Even the photo I put on isn't that bad to how it was 2 days ago. They would be shocked if they saw how it changed and the speed it does this but I can't keep going every day to show them. Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon and for you toom

I have discovered Balneum cream, it moisturises and has an anaesthetic. It is expensive to buy but I have had it prescribed, it is the best I've found for helping with the itch and seems to reduce the red lumps.

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Thank you. It has helped itching a little. I paid £5.22 for a large tube so cheaper than a prescription . To be honest, at its peak I would have paid much more!


I get a very intense itch in a similar place on one of my fingers. Nothing visible . Have you googled. I am a bit stumped but hope you get the help you need.

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I've tried looking but along with the GP am stumped. Blood tests will take a few days otherwise refer to specialist. I will put update on if i get diagnosis. Associated mouth ulcers came after a few days and hands now blistered but at least that means it's reached its peak. 3 weeks of he'll every few months is deflating. Hope you get a result too.

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I looked on google and found a u tube presentation by a dermatologist who talked about something he called dishydrosis. He did not mention the fingers changing colour but he did say it was on the fingers and came out in blisters or little serum filled bumps as it was healing. He said it happenned usually after intense stress. He said putting it in cold water should ease the itch, also creams with menthol and hydrocortisone. He seemed an amusing, lovely chap. I googled using the words 'red ichy finger patch'. It was the nearest I could find. Your colouration of skin issues could be unique to you perhaps or very rare presentation of this.

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Ah bless you. Had a look but different. Thanks for looking though

Sounds like cellulitis or vasculitis I have intense pain have to itch scratch like crazy it hurts but after a while it gets better. I have to break open the spots affecting me though.

Finally, after seeing a private and NHS consultant I have a diagnosis. Its Recurrent Erythema Multiforme which isn't very common. Prescribed medication which I will probably be on for life but fingers crossed, so far so good and no new flare up :)

Thank you for everyone's help and support and I hope your conditions are soon sorted xx

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Did it work? I'm so happy if it did !

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