Itchy little spots after eating

Hi there, the last few weeks l have had small spots appear on my tummy and arms and back - not more than 10 altogether but they get very itchy and angry 20 minutes after eating. It is making me miserable and had normal blood test results. If l don't eat the spots are like dormant and don't bother me, but as soon as l eat they come alive and itch and feels like my skin is on fire. Doctor does not know what it is and prescribed hydrocortisone cream, but all that relieves the itch and cools is antibacterial gel and taking antihistamine. Help!!

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  • Hi Mariagrazia,

    Here are 2 links to information on food allergy that you may find useful.

    1. DermNet NZ:

    2. NHS Choices:

  • I was praying and shown the answer last week. It was my mouthwash that I had an allergy to. Culprit is chlorodexine. Stopped using it and within 3 days spots and burning on back disappeared. I have my life back. Praise Jesus! He is so good!☺

  • You "prayed and he showed you" oh please!

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