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Chronic Pompholyx on my Feet

Hi There

I have just come back from holiday a couple of weeks ago after being made redundant & the stress of worrying about the future & the heat has resulted in the most chronic breakout of Pompholyx I have ever had, in the 14 years of suffering from this condition. My feet are both completely covered from the sides, underneath, in between my toes & even under my toes. I got the finally got the doctor to give me some strong steroids & antibiotics, as it has affected my immune system & also have swollen glands. The blisters have joined together & are weeping profusely & some are oozing yellow pus - sorry if you are eating! I just don't know what to do, as it does not seem to be showing any signs of improvement. Does anyone know of anything else I can do to ease the pain & help to moisturize the drying skin, without making the blisters worse? I am finding it impossible to walk anywhere as so painful. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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Dear Perri you have my complete empathy/sympathy. I have a smallish patch of repeating pompholyx on both feet and occasionally under the second toe on each. Also occasionally on fingers. I cannot imagine how awful it must be to have it all over your feet. It can be so intolerably itchy and weepy. My GP gave me Fucibet and I use this as sparingly as I can get away with, using doublebase gel which I get on repeat prescription for all over use to counteract the drying out phase. But it is a horribly vicious circle and as soon as it appears to have gone, out come the little groups of blisters again. It is very very difficult not to scratch which of course I know I shouldn't ............

I have also tried using a more general antiseptic cream such as Savlon or Germolene to cope with patches of open skin to try to counteract possible infection. Good luck with getting it all under control with the help of your GP.


Thanks for reply lovesradio

You are right - it is so hard not to scratch!

Before I have only been given nerisone cream to use before the blisters burst, but usually use savlon & wound washes to keep open skin clean. I will ask about the doublebase gel, not heard of this one, I usually slather on any deep moisturising cream to help rehydrate dried skin after pompholyx attck is over the worst. Am living each day at a time & trying not to walk to much - almost impossible when you have a family & 2 dogs to sort out. The antibiotics & steroid tablets seem to be working - but don't want to rely on them fro too long. I cant wait to get back into pretty sandals & paint my toenails again - my feet look like I have leprosy at the moment!


Good luck Perri xx hope you can find some lovely colours for your toenails!


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