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Does anyone suffer from reocurring abcess/boil type lumps on their bodies?

I do, I seem to get them on my breasts, tummy & groin area. They are painfu & verry embarassing. Also the scars they leave me with are horrible.

I am almost 50 yrs old now, divorced & have no intention of lookin a man simply because of how my body looks with these things.

I would greatfully appreciate some advice from other sufferers out there.

Many thanks


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Hi JusJac, there are many things that can cause boils. You really need to see your doctor.

Here are some links that might be useful:


Thank you you lovely people for your replies.

Over the year I have seen Doc & each time they just give me antibiotics. I got fed up with the Docs & dont mention it now.

I will take a look at all your recommendations.

Thank you



Ive got the same condition - unless it's heat rash, scabies or hives - then you have all the symptoms of hydradenitis see ur gp and refer to breast and dermatology speciaslist - in the mean time use

hibiscrub instead of soap or lotions on your skin Boots sell it

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Thank you spot. I will try that. God but they make you feel dirty & then I get paranoid. I'm forver showering & using E45 or Savlon creams but the just come back & I'm left with really bad scars.

Thanks again.



Hi Jackie

I suffer from facial boils, groin boils, neck, everywhere boils. I have boils from 5 years ago that wont release their pus and go solid beneath my skin. Left with huge black scars on my face and body. You are not alone! Id be happy to support and discuss anything :)

Regards Baker


Hi Jackie,

I was admitted to hospital under emergency, and there they discovered that I had a burst abscess and I spent 3 hours under general whilst they scraped out the pus. Until this point of bursting I had no idea that it was tucked between my stomach and pelvic area. The areas you mention are where the lymphatic system have lymph nodes and these are used to help excrete waste and toxins from the body. The boils and abscesses are normally a sign to tell you that the body is not coping very well with all the toxins that have built up in your body over the years, possibly due to diet and environment. As you can imagine after my operation I started to do some research. Maybe you should look under cleansing the liver, lymphatic system and diet to help lymphatic system..




100% tea tree oil in hot bath. Mix sulfer and unscented lotion to grease body


Also tea tree oil soap


I know you said no Drs, but see another Dr that's more helpful, they'll hopefully refer you to the dermatology clinic which should see why you could be getting them.

Boils are sometimes caused by uncleanliness or by medical reasons like hypothyroidism or diabetes.

And they can simply be controlled by changing your diet, if you tend to eat lots of.unhealthy foods instead.of from scratch meals then that could be a reason why also.

I'm 24 and have had.boils since I was 16 they get worse during my time of the month , ive found the less you poke and squeeze them the less scars they'll leave, just wash the area with warm/hot water, apply tcp or any other antiseptic to it, then put a plaster over it so the air cant get to it.


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