Stop wasting your money on all the creams, GIVE UP SUGAR !!!!

I ve had acne rosacea for the last 17 years and have tried everything, mine has been generally around the end of my nose and speaking as a woman thats not attractive! But about 3 months ago I decided to experiment and stop eating sugar. It wasn't easy at first because I've got a very sweet tooth but after 2 weeks I started to notice a difference, so that spurred me on. 6 weeks on and the spots had more or less disappeared, I am now 3 months in and my skin is so much smoother, the end of my nose is more a soft pink than a bright red!, I do get the occasional spot but that is just around my period which is quite normal.

Cutting out sugar means you cut out a lot of other rubbish like processed foods and alcohol, but you don't have to be too hard on yourself, I do still have the occasional treat maybe once every 2 weeks or if I know I m going out for a meal I will allow myself a little something. I now stop having the same sweet cravings so its got a lot easier, TRY IT its got to be better than the spots!!!!

FEW SIMPLE TIPS(which you will know about already!)

1. drink plenty of water, cut out the alcohol !

2. Eat plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables ( yes fruit does contain sugar, but its natural in the form of fructose, I have continued to eat fruit but cut out fruit juices, which contain much more concentrated levels of fructose)

3. Try cooking your own food and avoid ready meals

4. If you get a sugar craving have some healthy alternatives to hand like apricots, dates or sultanas