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Eczema just flared up again

Last year I had bad eczema on the back of both legs for months creams didn't work properly gp sent me to a specialist who got me to add a bit of thin bleach to my bath that helped a lot along with the dovobet cream my legs cleared up well and i stopped seeing the specialist and my gp changed my cream to hydrocortisone cream and have been fine with just faint red marks till the last few days when it's flared up a lot all over the backs of both legs and very itchy very bright too the hydrocortisone doesn't seem to be working :( , in 3 weeks is my brothers wedding and I'm gonna look horrible in my dress with eczema all my my legs :(

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you could try a short dose of steroid creams but remember to use sparingly and the affected area is bad as over time your body will develop an immunity to the creams also be careful putting it on your eyes as it can thin the skin. hope this helps.


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