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How to Participate in OCD Research or Advertise a Study

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How to find a study

Participating in a research study is a great way to give back to the OCD community. Everything we know about OCD—how the disorder works, who might be at risk of developing it, and how to treat it—has been learned through scientific research. Behind these discoveries are not just scientists, but people with OCD who volunteered to participate in their research. From filling out a questionnaire, to participating in a trial of a new drug or therapy, to making a commitment to at the end of life, there are many ways to help.

The IOCDF maintains a directory of research studies that are currently recruiting participants with OCD or a related disorder. Although we are not affiliated with these studies, we have verified that each study has been approved by a committee responsible for protecting the rights and safety of study participants (often called Institutional Review Boards, or IRBs). To check out our study directory, here is the link: We also recommend checking out our partner to find even more studies that are recruiting, or sign up to be notified when new studies are posted. The US Government also maintains a searchable database of research studies at

How to advertise a study

If you are a researcher or study coordinator looking to recruit people with OCD or a related disorder for your research, please be aware that we do not allow recruitment for studies here on the HealthUnlocked OCD Community. However, we invite you to submit a study for inclusion in our website directory and the OCD Newsletter. Please click this link for instructions on how to submit a study, and to read our posting policy.

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There is no links in your message- please clarify how we can link to these studies.

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