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Constantly having weird sexual intrusive thoughts all day

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First I'd like to disclose that I've never seen a psychiatrist with this, so nothing is set in stone, so I'm not even sure if this is the right community to go to. (I think it is???) Anyway, all day, I get weird sexual thoughts about people you really shouldn't. My family, friends, people I've just met, I've never even been in any sexual relationships! I feel sick and twisted about it, every time I look around, I think just weird shit, even about my own parents and siblings, which is gross as fuck. It makes me uncomfortable in normal everyday situations. I'm not a very outspoken person, leaving me to on chime in during social situations, and because of this, my mind often wanders. Next thing you know I'm vastly uncomfortable with others around me. I would say it affects my life to some degree, I'll miss important information during a lecture and general conversations, making me come off as I don't care. It's lead me to be very closed off, and though I enjoy seclusion a bit, I, like any other human, crave normal human interactions. I might call up a friend, only to get intrusive thoughts again and leave early. Any thoughts/information on this?

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Oh my, yes, this is similar to my experience with HOCD (homosexual ocd); I am not homosexual, yet, at 17 I started fearing that I might be a lesbian. The thought completely blindsided me with doubt and anxiety and I became socially reclusive. At the time I just could not talk to anyone about it. I even feared that I might have lesbian impulses towards babies, children, sisters, mother, best friends, strangers, etc. The obsessions were crippling to say the least. I gave up babysitting jobs, distanced myself from my sisters, ghosted my friends. At the time, I didn't know I had this dreadful OCD mental illness and it took me years to finally admit my fears to a therapist who prescribed clomapramine; the meds helped relieve the intrusive thoughts, but the side effects were debilitating, so I had to quit. Fast forward ahead, and I am now medication free and I have strategies (ERP--exposure response prevention) to manage my symptoms.

Your first line of defense is to acknowledge and admit your illness. Seek help; do not put it off as I did. You can deal with this if you are open and honest about what is happening to you. There are many excellent books and youtube videos about this illness. Become self-taught. Get support. You have your whole life ahead of you and you owe it to yourself to eliminate this bully from your life NOW. You can do this. Sheila

I'm glad you've revcieved help, and I will do the same, thank you

Yep yep yep... sounds like OCD to me. I suffer from these and it even goes so extreme to be towards my kids or my sisters kids... all of what you are saying is common with regards to OCD sufferers.

First thing you should know is that you are not alone.

Second thing you should know is that these are simply thoughts and they do not define you, you are defined by your value driven actions. Having bad thoughts does not mean your a bad person at all.

Third thing you should know is that you should seek help (good for you for finding this space) and try to find someone who specializes in OCD.

Any questions you have, I would be happy to answer, and know that I believe in you! You can find relief and all will be okay with work. You got this mate!

Thank you! Is there any reason someone might have these thoughts? because they just sort of happened for me

There is no reason. Thoughts are just thoughts. I understand it’s hard not to apply reason to them, but they are intrusive and do not define you. If anything they represent your morality... your brain throws thoughts like sticks and because of your values you chase after them, but they don’t mean anything. Because you pay them attention they amplify and that’s why they get worse. It has nothing to do with you. I know it’s awful, and it’s hard to understand, but you’re not alone and find the right therapist and it will all be okay.

Imagine yourself a billionaire and stress about that and see if just thinking it will make it happen... it won’t. Your thoughts are thoughts, your value driven actions are what define you.

You are more your behavior than your thoughts. Don’t sweat it and it’s awesome you found this place.

Don’t be a stranger.

Thank you. I really needed that

You’re very welcome! Hang in there! You got this and I believe in you!

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I really loved your analogy example you gave to OliviaGarden about imagining you are a billionaire and then seeing if it comes true! Very clever 👏

Hello there,

The best way to determine if you have OCD with intrusive thoughts is to contact a licensed professional to receive a diagnosis. Once you determine if your symptoms are OCD symptoms, you can then begin a treatment plan.

You can search for professional to diagnose or treat OCD on the IOCDF website:

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