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Hello to you all.

I am Max. OCD since I was 7. I am now 47. I understand the pain. I grasp the challenges of this DISEASE. do not let anyone tell you it’s a disorder. It’s a powerful disease. And that is ok. Sure it affects quality of life. But! It doesn’t have to define us. I am here to chat with anyone that feels like talking. Birds of feather can bring comfort you are not alone. And you are not crazy. And you are not out of control. Our brains are made this way. And there are wonderful benefits to this disease once harassed.

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Hello Max. I have PTS (always leave the D out as I will explain) caused by a traumatic physical event, OCD, and asperger's. I prefer to think of them as conditions rather than disorders or diseases, two of which are because as you said "Our brains are made this way," OCD and asperger's are conditions that can be treated with medications to ease the symptoms if one chooses. Before I was diagnosed I used to call them quirks, and now they have a name.

Hi Christian

Thank you for your input. By all means ...if you feel they are conditions and that suits you better. ...Then I agree for you that is your cup of tea. Unfortunately for me, my OCD disease reminds me that it’s permanent for me. I tried all the drugs even to the extent of self medicating to a dangerous level. My cousin is on 7 medications which did not remove his ocd at all. Unfortunately for me , as many others , drugs don’t work. They can help to lessen the input. For the ones that do respond well to drugs ...I think that is wonderful.

Drugs can mask or sediate the synapses from firing away at will. But...we cannot change our brains in how they are wired.

Perhaps 1 day someone will figure out a way to mask this disease where it’s ok. Until then , I face my disease head on..I accept the frustration with it. I train myself to face the day with courage.

Keep on pushing forward Max! Facing it head on is half the battle.

Not a minute goes by I don’t face it. It is not a battle that can be won. It’s a war I stand on the front lines and take my hits. And then I hit back. It’s about knowing the fear is there. How to deal the fear? 1 thing accomplished at a time.

Hey Max, Im 48 and have had OCD since I was 15 ... can totally relate..it doesnt define us but it sure as hell has an impact on every moment of my waking hours.

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