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Anagrelide and interferon?

I was wondering if anyone has been prescribed anagrelide and intereron at the same time? I started on Pegasys fairly recently but it isn't controlling my platelets on its own and so I have been taking hydroxycarbamide as well. This was a short term measure because I don't get on very well with the HU and I am due to discuss alternatives when I see my haematologist on Thursday.

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I started on interferon about 9 weeks ago and my platelet count became very erratic so I was put on anagrilide when it was very high. I am on 4 capsules a day and my count has been below 600. I go back this week for another blood test. I think I was put on anagrilide rather than hydroxycarbamide because it works quicker. I tolerated hydroxycarbamide well - it just didn't work for me.


I am taking 3 Anagrelide a day & am 46 years old. My understanding is that Anagrelide is much slower to work than Hydroxycarbamide, but did eventually get my platelets down to normal range. I had a very bad reaction to Hydrox. The heart palpitations on Anagrelide were quite strong for a while & very regular, but now it's almost like my heart has adjusted & very rarely get any.


Sorry, forgot to mention I do get palpitations with anagrilide but they aren't too bad. Side effects of interferon aren't too bad, just occasional days of nausea. I am 61 and was diagnosed 4 years ago after a mild TIA.


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