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In support group for my Contributory ESA benefit. I have ET, symptoms mild but include fatigue and mood swings. Should I be?

Liver Transplant in April last year due to Budd-Chiari secondary to ET as cause. Feel I want to break free of benefit one day, grateful for it the next as my mood and motivation changes without warning. Feel great, then feel drained! managing 3-4 hours of tutoring a week in line with permitted work regulation. I'm not confident I could up the hours quickly were the ESA to be taken away due to another ASOS medical ( which i'm sure is around the corner - i've had two already. I feel vulnerable as well as guilty that I should not continue claiming - many are much worse off than me.

Does anybody have advice or similar experiences?

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Hi, sorry to hear you are not great. I am a relative newbie so can't offer advice but I am sure some of the rest will help. It doesn't sound like you shouldn't be claiming as you have been through a lot, I do worry about my future ability to work when I hear what some people receive moneywise when they are not fit. If you are getting it you must be entitled to it - don't feel guilty. There is always going to be someone worse and someone better than us but our own particular illness is what we have got to live with so I think we are entitled to whatever benefit or whatever feelings we want to have! Take care.


Hi nickprich - I would say if you've been awarded or put in ESA Support group after undergoing the rigors of 2 ATOS medicals and subsequent DWP attention then you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Dont beat yourself up coz there's more than enough stigma attached to it at the mo'. Nobody who is genuinely ill or disabled wants to rely on state handouts to get by and would much sooner be fit and healthy and living life to the full which includes holding down a full time job.

You need to continue claiming as long as you need to or they let you and when you feel ready to take up work again I hope you can manage to find a suitable job. Of course that is another challenge ahead. Take care and hold your head high. Cheerz


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