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Bony Mass behind ear?

Okay so when I was younger, say 12 I remmeber going to the doctors for a large lump behind my ear, not like a marble, but it feels like the bone is just raised more than the bone behind my right ear? It does feel fairly firm but you can feel like little dips in whatever it is? She didn't really say it was anything and i just continued to live life... I'm now 18 and have had no change in the size as I am aware? But recently, say the past 6 months I suffered with headaches for about 2 months, daily headaches that were random in location each time and felt quite outside the head and sometimes my eyes and forehead? My doctor diagnosed these as a part of my anxiety... He thinks every symptom i've gone to him about is my bloody anxiety! Anyway the headaches stopped for about a month and now they've come back! Could this be due to a lack of sleep because I've recently started uni and i am surviving on 4-6 hours a night! I have also noticed an increase in tinnitus last night it lasted about an hour! Am i worrying about nothing and are most my symptoms caused by lack of sleep?

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Hi Haden, I am not a medic so can't help there but if you are not happy get a second opinion. Go to the appointment armed with details of your symptoms and your questions because worrying will make things worse. Have you got a blood disorder also? Kind regards Aime x😺


No blood disorder as I know, I have had several blood tests one the other week for university!


Hi Hayden, sorry to hear that you are having problems with these headaches, you should go back to your GP and discuss this with him/her. I am afraid that we can't give you any further advice on this. You say that you don't have a blood disorder, have the blood tests been taken just as part of your medical for university or are the doctors looking for anything to explain your headaches? This forum supports people with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) which are rare blood cancers, so unless you have been diagnosed with one of the MPNs, ET, PV or MF or your doctors think you may have one of these disorders, then I am afraid you are on the wrong forum. Kind regards. Maz


about 6 months ago when I was displaying physical anxiety symptoms I had a blood test, and then more recently another test for university, the original test was FBC etc everything was normal WBC slightly low


You should go back to your GP and discuss all of this with him/her. Maz


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