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Platelet Count

Hello everyone. I am a little worried so thought I would ask the question. My husband told six weeks ago he had progressed to MF but another hospital says it is still PV. Put back on HU as white count very high (50+), his red count is holding up although still anaemic (this occurred after a massive stomach bleed due to aspirin) whites are coming down but platelets have dropped to 110 and he is bruising without any knocks or bumps. Back to hospital in three weeks time to check counts, but it seems like the HU will have to be decreased to bring the platelets back up but then the white count will raise again. Any thoughts please. Thanks

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I don't know the answer - got to be a clinical call, perhpas different drug regime? - but just wanted to offer my sympathy


Hi Tissi, sorry to hear the latest news. Not informed enough on the medical issues but, as jane13 posted, just wanted to wish you both well with your treatment. He sounds to be having a particularly bad time. As you will be aware, most doctors know little about our conditions - I have MF - and maybe you could source a consultant who has this knowledge.


Hi Tissi, sorry to hear that your husband is having a bad time at the moment, it can't be very nice for both of you being told different things, I think the best thing you can do is wait until you go back to the hospital in 3 weeks and see what the results of his blood tests are and then ask lots of questions about the counts and why he has been told by a different hospital that it has progressed to MF, also ask about different medications. Hope all goes well for your husband. Maz.


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