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Does anyone else take warfarin

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I have just been diagnosed with ET and I am due to start on Hydroxycarbamide on Wednesday - I have been on warfarin due to AF for approx 15 years - I was wondering how warfarin would react with the Hydroxy and if anyone has experience of this. I am 70 years old and led an active life.

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if you have problems with Warfarin ask for Pradaxa, there is no need for levels to checked and you can eat anything you want.

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driftstream in reply to Uzza

I cant take that as I have also got leaking heart valve and have been told its not suitable for me but thank you for the reply

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Uzza in reply to driftstream

I also have a leaking mitral valve and AF, the literature says its ideal for AF.

I used to take Warfarin with HU due to Budd-Chiari Syndrom. I've had no issues with Warfarin.

I took Warfarin with hydroxycarbamide for about fifteen years with no problems.

Wishing you all the best


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Thank you for that its does help


I take Warfarin daily for life for artificial heart valve. I was diagnosed with ET almost 3 years ago and have been taking Peg Interferon for 30 months. So can't comment on Hydroxy but can say there has been no problems with Peg.



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driftstream in reply to Jocko

Thank you

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Ann16 in reply to driftstream

I take Wafarin and Hydroxyurea and haven’t had any problems with it. Hope it works ok for you! Ann16

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Thank you for that it does help

What time of day do you take your Hydroxy - is it best to take it with food or after food or what - I take my warfarin at 6pm

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