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PCV lowered without v-sect or drugs?


Hi all, this is essentially a positive post in that I had bloods back today to find that my PCV has gone from 0.41 (I don't feel great when it gets to 0.41) down to 0.39. My last v-section was October 2016 and I'm on aspirin only. While I feel that I should be over the moon about this, I have a nagging feeling that it could indicate something else? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes over the years I’ve had my PCV increase and decrease by 0.5 without any explanation. How’s you HB ? If you are concerned, do you have a specialist nurse you can contact?

johoho in reply to EleanorPV

That's really good to hear Eleanor. I spoke to my nurse today, she seemed perfectly happy to be honest. Thank you for your reply.



wow I wouldn't feel good if mine got that low and they only went below 0.40 when they over venesected me once due to the callibration of the machine and it was no big deal but I did feel it a little but it picked back up. What if it continues to drop when is then deemed too low? I know you prefer it sitting at a certain number for you to feel good so there should be some explanation?

Personally I would ask my consultant and if my consultant was not part of Prof Harrisons team then I would suggest maybe they could ask her professional opinion. Mazcd might be able to assist here?

How are you feeling Jo? xxx

johoho in reply to Hidden

I feel really good, tiny bit of itching but no fatigue or fog. I'm at my best around. 38 / 39, I start to become sluggish & feel fatigued more around 41 / 42, so it suits me. I'm not really concerned, but it doesn't seem to make sense why my PCV would go down without intervention. I suppose the whole thing is that it's out of control, my PCV therefore will do whatever it likes? Xx

skodaguy in reply to johoho

Probably nothing more than you were better hydrated at 0.39 than 0.41. Not a clinically important difference. Most bloods done early in day so could reflect simply a little less to drink the day before or a slightly warmer bedroom or a longer sleep so longer gap between fluid intake.

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