Are my blood levels good, bad or indifferent

hi my Mpn family. I had a letter in the post today following my check up with the haemaologist. It was a copy of the letter to my GP and it looks like everything is okay. I have no idea about blood readings so could someone with a lot more knowledge than me tell me how good or so-so are my readings. They are:-

HB 152, Haematocrit 0.41, Platelet 196, White cells 5.7. Neutrophils 3.0

None of the above mean anything to me so what do you think. Am I doing okay on my Hydroxy?

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  • Hey

    They look ok to me. All within normal range.


  • Hi, I now insist on my medics, whether GP or haem explaining results to you. I don't think we should be left to interpret these ourselves although I know you get used to what is normal for "you." Kind regards Aime xx😺😺

  • From what I know they look practically perfect to me although I'm no expert .

    How I long for platelets below 600 ! Lol xx

  • Yep as the others have said looking very good all those counts 😄😄 goodness I would love to get platelets down to 196 too mine stay round 550 despite HU treatment. Well done Jill you are doing well.

  • Thanks everyone, makes me feel a whole lot better about my illness. This is my first summer on hydroxy and on the few hot days we have experienced I have never sweated so much on my face. It runs down my face and drips off my eyelashes. I give up wearing makeup as it just runs off (not a pretty sight). I find it embarrassing if I am out when it happens and I hate wearing anything with a collar as it gets soaked.

  • The face and neck sweating is horrible, it is like a dripping shower at times. My hair is frequently dripping wet.

    Does anyone have any remedies? Apart from a cold wet cloth to keep my neck cool, nothing seems to help.

  • Hi. I've tried using a battery operated fan that contains ice water to spray my face and neck. Learned about it here and it seems to help. I carry it in a small cooler bag with an ice pack to keep it cool. There are also cloths that you sent and then snap tight which makes them cold. You can drape them around your neck. Haven't tried that yet. My problem is that even in humid 80 degree (Fahrenheit) days, the heat drains all my energy so that after 10-15 minutes of it I'm exhausted for hours. I'd like to know if it's the Hydroxy or MPN that's causing it. Do you know? Try the cold water/ice spray fan and see if it helps you. Good luck. Katie

  • great results - you can look up normal range for each of these on the web for future reference!

  • Hi Jilly. I also have PV and when I have my blood tests it's the Haematocrit level my eyes go straight to. If mine is 45 I'm delighted so yours is fab! Lesley x

  • When I go for my blood tests at the hospital they always staple a copy of the blood results to the prescription I take to the hospital pharmacy, I always take a photo of this on my phone so I have arecord and can compare to past results.

    I know not all hospitals do this.


  • There spot on 👍

  • I meant wet, not went the towels.

  • I'm usually just given my platelets numbers, which run around 1200. Oh, and my potassium is always high too. I'm not currently being given any medication, except aspirin.

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