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In January I have appointments for breast screening, audiology, ophthalmology, stroke clinic, dentist, urology, haematology and that does not include the probable two blood transfusions and blood tests I will need! The positive spin on this is that I am certainly being well looked after BUT how I wish there was a way of getting them all done all at once!! I guess this is when we realise what a fantastic NHS we have. Apart from the dentist all the other appointments are free! Thank you NHS!

Happy and healthy new year to all on this site xx

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Hi, yes that’s very true. You’ll be well checked over too. I had suspected appendicitis the last Friday before Christmas but luckily it calmed down on its own but I found out I need a venesection so that’s this Friday. Good luck with all your appointments. Kind regards Aime xx😺😺

Well you are certainly starting 2019 with a full health check !! I have a wall calendar on which all things medical are written then highlighted with a pink highlighter , so there is rarely a month that goes by without lots of pink lines for one or other of us, as you say NHS is truly amazing.

I hope all your checks go well for you .

Wishing you too a Happy Healthy New Year.

All the best Sandy.x

Hi Jan, gee that's a full gamut of appts , good luck with them all . . I too have a few but fortunately no where as many . I attended audiology recently for a hearing test and they recommended a couple of digital aids to help me with my higher range audio and picking up conversation in a noisy room or if tv is on. Also Ive got the dentist as I unfortunately need several extractions resulting from all the treatment over the past few years.

So as you say a big Thank You to our NHS who by and large serve us well.

A Happy New Year to you also my friend

Chris x

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Hi Chris. A Happy New Year to you too. I think I might actually forego the dentist as they want to replace a crown and that would involve redrilling a root canal and she said the root might fracture and mean it would have to be an extraction- done in hospital of course as my pitiful platelet count is still pitiful! I think I will stick to re-glueing the crown for as long as I can get away with it. I hope your extractions are not too much of an ordeal

I am having to have regular eye and hearing checks as the iron chelation med can affect either or both. So far so good but they need to keep an eye on both. I hope some digital aids will help you as partial hearing loss can make life so difficult for you. Hearing aids have really progressed since the digital age has meant that they don’t just amplify all sound directly into your ears

I hope 2019 brings more baby steps (or preferably giant strides) in your recovery as it has been quite the long haul for you.

Take care my friend x

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JediReject in reply to beetle

Yes of course some issues are down to advancing years so I can't blame it all on GVHD. . My specialist dentist wants blood results prior to any trauma so I'm at clinic on 17th and will get a print out of bloods for dentist on 21st, but as I'm weaning off immuno-suppressant my Platelets ought to be 110 -140 range I reckon.

The hearing aids sit quite well atop me ears and too obtrusive but I'm not vain in any way. . I've likely reached a plateau in my recovery and doubt things will ever get significantly better which I'm ok with. I have a decent quality of life all told so happy days. .

Watch how you go Jan x

Wow! Good luck with that lot! I think many of us are in the same boat, I spent 3 hours at the eye hospital last Friday, eye infection needing steroid drops. My next lot starts in February, haematology, dentist and chiropractor. Isn’t getting older lovely 😊.

Happy and healthy new year to you too.

Judy x

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beetle in reply to piggie50

Yes, advancing years certainly bring their own “challenges”! Good luck with all you appointments too x

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