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Allopurinol when first taking Hydroxy


Hi again everyone. Since writing a post I have finished my 3 weeks' radiotherapy now for breast cancer, during which time my Hydroxy for ET was stopped. I'm now awaiting an appointment to see Haematologist when I expect I will be put back on Hydroxy. Did any or all of you have to take Allopurinol for 7 days when first going on Hydroxy as I did? I'm wondering if I'll have to take this again as I remember unpleasant side effects. Best wishes to all. Fran

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I did not.

azaelea in reply to h2ogal

Thank you for your reply.

Hi, no I didn't need that.Why did you need it?

azaelea in reply to Swede

Haematologist just said I want you to,take this pill as well for first week. No explanation so I asked a nurse who mentioned Uris acid prevention. This is correct from two replies below, so possibly have to take the course again. Thanks for reply.

Hi. I am permanently on allopurinol, first started when I took hydrea ( I have MF) . It helps prevent gout - nasty painful tie and foot joints - something to do with the cell debris from the break down of the red blood cells ending up giving you an excess of uric acid. I haven’t had any side effects.

Hope this helps. Gout is v v painful, and allopurinol has been around for a long time.


Thank you for your explanation Rachel. I certainly don't want to experience Gout symptoms or Uric acid build up as I do suffer with U.T.I from time to time.

Hi azaelea, yes i also had to take allopurinol to prevent a build up of uric acid for 2 weeks. Was told it was to protect me from gout and was also told to protect the liver. Atb,tina.🤗

Yes, I did. Good luck with your ongoing treatment.

Hi Fran,

I do hope that the radiotherapy wasn't too much of an ordeal, sorry that you have had all that to go through as well as the ET. Regards Allopurinol, I would have been put on that before starting Hydroxy, but was already on it already as some of the pain I was experiencing in my feet prior to platelet reduction was in the "probable gout" category.

I continue to take daily Allopurinol and it is helpful in reducing uric acid levels that do tend to build up if you are on Hydroxy.

Kind Regard,


azaelea in reply to stillkicking

Thanks for your reply Peter. I hadn't realised so many people were on Allopurinol. Will have to see what Haemo advises when next I see him. My radiotherapy went fine, thanks with only a little feeling of fatigue which seems to be righting itself now (touch wood) . Had to contend with a bad chest infection during the 3 weeks treatment but carried on. Why do these things bombard you all at the same time !! Keep well, regards, Fran

Actually, I had to take for 6 months. It has been 3 months off of it and no issues with gout:)

azaelea in reply to mbr8076

Thank you for your helpful reply. Will see what Haematologist says.

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