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BMB recovery


Hi everyone,

I had a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday and am still experiencing a lot of aching every time I walk and put pressure on it. Across my lower back and down to the top of that leg. The procedure itself went as well as it could and the site seems to have mostly healed

I wasn't given a very detailed information sheet but the one I have said I may experience pain for 1-2 days which I am now passed.

From procedures I have had before I find they often underestimate the degree of recovery needed on information sheets but I'm also concerned with how persistent the aching and soreness is 5 days on. I know they took a bone sample as well as the marrow bit. I'm in my mid 20s and do a fair amount of yoga and other exercise as well, so we weren't really expecting a longer recovery time

How long after did everyone else have aching and soreness? I can't thank people enough for the advice so far and look forward to more wisdom! :)

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Sorry to hear about the pain continuing from your BMB. In my case, I only had a bit of aching in the area of the biopsy for about a day or so; in fact, I walked home from the hospital after the biopsy was done. If your pain persists, I'd suggest you go in to see your doctor and tell him/her what's going on.

Elcee253 in reply to WileyFrench

Thanks for your reply, and I'm glad that yours wasn't so bad. I think you're right about contacting my doctor, it's hard to know where the line is for recovery pain sometimes!

WileyFrench in reply to Elcee253

It really is. It’s probably fine but it never is a bad idea to check if things are dragging on too long.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. I still cringe at the thought of my BMB. I recall the poor nurse trying to extract some bone marrow. It was really sore for a few weeks after the procedure. I was 50 at time so perhaps takes longer to recover at that age!

Elcee253 in reply to Bothwell

Thank you :) sorry yours took so long to recover from

Hiya. Yes I was told the same, that it would not be painful and it be fine in day or two (I also had biopsy and aspiration).

It was sore and it took months for the soreness and aching to go (completely tolerable but was there, particularly with pressure). I did think at the time that it would never go, but it has and all is fine now.

Take care x

Elcee253 in reply to SuET2017

Months, wow! How horrible. Glad it's all fine now

1 to 2 days... where’s that Kathy Bates in AHS gif when you need it? “LIIIIEEEEEEEEEEESSS.”

Both times, I was sore for a week after. Tylenol kept it down to a dull roar.

Elcee253 in reply to lynxfluff

This made me laugh!! A week sounds more realistic when I think about what they've done

Hi. My first BMB was sore and achy for about ten days - probably not helped by (accidentally) bashing the needle site en route home and walking for miles. Second one recovered much more quickly. I’d just go with the flow.

Elcee253 in reply to Ebot

Ouch! I'll try not to panic and just let it do it's healing thing then. Thanks

I was sore at the spot for close to a week. It was like I was bruised even though the procedure went well. Then I was fine. Ice helped a lot and ibuprofen.

Elcee253 in reply to TerriR

I'll try ibuprofen as well as paracetamol, thank you :)

It hurt for days! Take it easy!

Elcee253 in reply to Ramy22

Will do, sorry yours was bad too

Ramy22 in reply to Elcee253

It was a very long time ago.... yours should be better soon.

I had one some years ago and yes it took a week and some to settle and as others took a long time to go completely, although only mild after that initial week or so - I have funnily been thinking of it just today as I am having one again next week!! I think as with all things medical the advice sheets are written by people who haven't had whatever the procedure is!! 😀😀 nice warm hot water bottle I remember helped. All the best

Elcee253 in reply to Helpatlast

I'll try a hot water bottle now, ice isn't doing much. Definitely agree on the information sheet front!!

Sorry to hear your struggling with the aching. Some BMB are more painful than others.

I’m in my 20s too and my BMB at the start of the year left me feeling the same, with the aching down one leg (the same side which they took the sample from my back).

I’ve had several BMB before this and can’t remember any issues but for some reason this most recent one took longer to recover.

Don’t overexert yourself too quickly and take paracetamol to make it more bareable. Hope the aching fades for you soon!

Elcee253 in reply to CommonDaisy

Thank you :) it feels odd because the procedure itself was relatively quick and although bad not horrific but can't shift the ache!

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