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My BMB is all over and I'm so glad!!!!


Hello everyone. I had my BMB today and although it was very, very uncomfortable, it was just about bearable! The aspiration was the worst part, a wierd and horrible feeling, especially down one leg. The pressure was hard to bear, but the gas and air helped so much! I didn't want to give it back! Have to wait for my next appointment now, on 20th September. The doctor doing my BMB told me he had only got a dilute sample of bone marrow, but a good piece of bone! So hope that's all enough for a diagnosis in September. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me good advice beforehand. It was very much appreciated. xxx

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Glad it's all over. Saw your earlier posts and know how worried you were about it. Hopefully, things will go well when you have your next appointment.

Well done! Good luck for your diagnosis in September too. I recently had my first bone marrow biopsy. Ouch!

Indeed!!! Painful, but necessary! X

I’m glad it’s over and that you got gas and air. Your have been incredibly brave! Well done!

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Thank you! I know thousands of people have these BMB's done every day, but I got myself in such a state about it. I knew it was going to be painful, and it was! But just about bearable! I know I groaned a lot and yelped a few times! The gas and air was amazing. I felt like I was floating! When he took a piece of bone out, he said, let me just see if it's a good enough sample. I was praying it was, so that he wouldn't have to go in again! When he said, I'm happy with that, I was so happy! I hope I never need another one! X

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My brother, who is now a retired oncologist, told me before mine that it was like being kicked by a horse! There was no pain relief for me. ! It is horrible and working yourself up was indeed reasonable!!!! If, in the future, should they suggest another one be very clear as to why they think it is necessary. But they shouldn’t! Good luck!

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Thank you so much! Now I just have to wait for the results on September 20th! The man who performed my BMB, agreed with me, through our rather odd conversation, he, while twisting the needle to get my bone sample, and me, grunting, while holding on to the gas and air tube in my between my teeth!, that it was most likely ET. But will have to wait and see! X

Let us all know!

Glad it went well. Fingers xd they got what they needed for results xx

Delighted that you did not find it too daunting Sarahjane, wishing you the very best in September.


Well Done Sarahjane,

I think that all of us that have gone through this procedure need a "gong" of some kind to pin proudly on our uniform! After all there are various campaign and bravery awards out there. Not a DSO or VC, but a BMB!

Kind thoughts to you and all the Very Best for your results.


Well done Sarahjane! So glad it's over, let us know how you get on after your next appointment.

I will indeed post back when my results are back! Best wishes and hugs to all. We all desevents a pat on the back for going through this procedure! XxX

Well done SarahJane. I'm glad it's over. Time to relax and congratulate yourself. Warmest wishes, Anita

Congratulations on making it thru your first BMB. Sorry you did not have as pleasant of an experience as I did when I had my first one. If you ever need another one (I hope you don't) hope it goes better, but its over and you made It, yea!

Yes! There should be an exclusive society of people who have gone through a BMB, with only a local anesthetic! We could call it, The BMB'ers! Only the brave!!! xxx


well done, it's over now so you can treat yourself to something nice. Maz x

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I will be doing just that, but have to wait for payday next week! The relief is immense! The guy who did it was very nice and explained everything to me. He was very experienced and I'm sure I could have had a much worse experience. He agreed with me that it's probably ET, but obviously need to wait for results. I presume they will contact me if they need to see me before my appointment in September. So relieved it's over. X

Well done sarahjane100,knew u cud do it! It's out the way now,so try not 2 worry 2 much,at least u will hopefully get a definitive diagnosis soon! Again well done.atb.tina.

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Thank you Tina. That's very much appreciated. I will at last know a diagnosis of some kind. Essential thrombocythemia does not seem to be too bad of an illness to have. I just have to wait and see now! Love and hugs, sarahjane. X

Well done! I know you were so anxious. Another ‘thing you can get through’ chalked up! Let us know how your September visit goes. Enjoy your summer.

Hi. Glad it wasn't too bad for you. Had mine this morning. Was a bit worried but tried to keep an open mind about. Before I went in we heard a shout from the bmb room, which was really worrying but then found out it was one of the nurses, who had trapped her finger in something!

It wasn't as bad as I thought. I groaned a couple of times but the entenox really helped. Can relax now!

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