Pain after bmb

Has anyone else had pain after their bone marrow biopsy, I had mine a week ago & today started pain all around it, the actual wound is fine, healing well, but the bone is sore & feels swollen, pain feels like it's inside & spreading round my waist, hip, lower back & bum, but only on that side, is this normal? From what I've read, there is not much pain afterwards? Getting worried

Thankyou for any advice


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  • Hi Melanie,

    I had a BMB just over a month ago which went really well, but about a week after it I had what felt like sciatica type, gnawing pain in my hip, waist and lower back, I thought maybe it was infected inside but thought I'd see how it goes.

    It lasted another week then suddenly just went away.

    I'm still unsure if it was anything to do with the BMB but what you've described does sound similar to my experience.

    I did tell the nurse that did my last Venesection, and she said it was more than likely deep bruising.

    Keep an eye on it and if it goes on for too much long, ask your doctor.

    Hope it goes away quickly and you feel better soon.

    Jacqui 🤗

  • Hi Melanie,

    I had a BMB in February and had a dull ache in the area for a few weeks afterwards. It felt as if I had a bruise but there was nothing to see. The sensation gradually lessened and then disappeared. Hope that helps.



  • Hi Melanie, I had a BMB a month ago on the 4/4/17and yes I too had a very sore patch and surround for a good while afterwards. I guess it is expected due to the fact they drill a hole in your bones, if you feel worried I think the best thing is to got see your GP and let them decide. Especially if you are running a fever, hope you are feeling better soon.June

  • My first BMB ten years ago gave me a lot of pain for about a month, but it eventually went away. It's from bruising and takes time to heal. However I had another BMB a few weeks ago and have had no pain at all. maybe it depends on the adeptness of the operative. Good luck Melanie, hope it clears up soon.

  • Thankyou, for your replies it's good to know you've had the same reactions

    Will see how it goes & hopefuly goes away soon, I've got a physical job & had long days so that probably didn't help

    Thankyou all


  • Yes as others found I had BMB 10 years ago and although I tolerated it fine after I had a lot of pain quite severe in the area and it did get worse a week or so after - lasted some time too but again as others went in due course - and it is from the bruising etc as I was told it is quite an invasive procedure. Hope it eases soon for you maybe a warm hot watee bottle on the area help a little I seem to remember using that. As with all things if it worries you at any point check with your doc/ consultant.

  • I too had a lot of pain the first time some 13 years ago. It was like sciatica and lasted a long time. I had another one done recently and I was in pain and was very stiff for two weeks especially getting up and down from sitting. I think it was the muscles and tissues in a sort of spasm from the disturbance to the area. I found the best thing to do was keep moving, walking and avoiding sitting - this appeared to make the area more flexible and supple reducing the pain and discomfort. After two weeks I was much better and practically back to normal.

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