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Grapefruit Juice and Interferon


I've been drinking pink grapefruit juice for sometime and then read the MPN Voice on Interferon which said that it was contra-indicated with Interferon, which I went on to in May. I've stopped drinking it but I'm curious as to why this juice is contra-indicated. Can anyone enlighten me?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Interferon; grapefruit juice

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Hi . I'm not sure why when on interferon. But I can't have it either as I'm on blood pressure medication. . Apparently it is contradictory with a few meds . I was told it stops the meds working so well .

I have ET and on hydroxy too ... Best wishes Pippa

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It's interesting isn't Pippa. It's alkaline as well so good for the system on another way. Shame it reacts with some meds when it's so good in others. Wishing you well with staying okay with the ET, all the very best, Anita


Yes,grapefruit is a bit of a 'nuisance'.It effects a lot of medications so,unfortunately must be avoided.

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Such a shame! :o( Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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Psssssttt....I do sneaking drink a little a occations...not a lot and not often...don't tell anyone.

It’s a total shame as I had just discovered these little Gin and Juice pre-mix tins at the supermarket which are made with grapefruit juice and are delicious when I started Interferon 🍸😭

Sorry to disappoint you Mackydee but alcohol is contraindicated as well!!

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