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9 weeks postpartum, ET CalR+ and have some questions.


I have ET CalR+, was diagnosed in 2013 when I was 31. I was started in low dose aspirin but it didn’t really agree with me to I was on no medication until I fell pregnant last summer, and stated taking aspirin again and standard pregnancy vitamins. My platelets sat around the 1100-1200mark and as expected dropped during pregnancy to between 700 - 800. I completed a 6 week course of fragmin following the birth and have just been back to the haem for a check up to find that my platelets are up at 1550, the highest they have ever been! She isn’t really sure why and is wondering if I might have an underlying infection (due to one of the clotting test results being high) so I’m repeating the test in 3 weeks and hoping for better results. I’m somewhat disappointed as previously I had read that many peoples platelets stayed lower after pregnancy and took time to rise to their ‘normal’ level but mine seem to have gone mad!

So I guess my question is, had anyone else experienced this? Could it be a reaction to the fragmin thinning the blood that my body’s decided to make more platelets? Is it maybe just a result of being sleep deprived and dehydrated due to breastfeeding? I know I should have asked my haem these questions but I think I was just in shock yesterday and did really process any of it until the 4am feed this morning.

Any thoughts, advice or experiences would be appreciated.

Thanks, Vicki.

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Hi Vicki. First, congratulations on the birth of your baby. Just trying to get my head around 4am feeds and an MPN! (But 4am feeds even without an MPN these days seems like a tough call!!!) Clearly I cant offer you any direct experience but I just wondered where you are based. I believe Prof Harrison runs an MPN maternity clinic up at Guy’s. You could email one of the fabulous CNSs there. But perhaps you are already under her care? Enjoy your baby!

Vicki_02 in reply to Ebot

Hi, thank you, she’s a delight - making the 4am feeds just about bearable!!

I was under the care of Prof Harrison’s team (Dr Sue Robinson took over when I fell pregnant) but moved at 35 weeks although I may still have the contact details of the nurses so might be cheeky and email them.

I’m really hoping it all settles down - just a little freaked out by it all. I have been very lucky so far with the MPN having little impact, other than the dreaded fatigue, so I’m hoping it continues that way.

I was pregnant 12+ years ago and the only blood test on record prior put my platelets at 399, but that was a few years before the pregnancy. So unfortunately we don’t know when my platelets went high. They were normal during pregnancy and then a few months after I delivered they were at 650, I think. They have slowly risen over the years but only to a bit over 800, so nothing quite like yours! But they did almost triple in the months after the pregnancy.

I hope this rise in number was a fluke thing for you.

Vicki_02 in reply to ChelseaF

Thanks Chelsea - hoping it’s just a result of the pregnancy and all of the hormones, tiredness etc etc. Fingers crossed the next results will be better.

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