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Leg pains in evening?

Are anyone elses leg pains worse in the evening? Seems that as soon as I sit down in the evening my legs start throbbing & the pain just keeps building.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Vicky. I’ve never had bone pains in my legs but I do get leg pains. I wear compression knee socks which really help me. Might not help you but thought I’d mention it. Good luck, hope you get some relief. Katie


Hi Vicky,

You are certainly not alone with this. I often get bone pain in my left leg when I am sitting down. I find that paracetamol eases it a bit but doesn't take it away completely. Raising my leg also helps a little. I have ET and take hydroxycarbamide and aspirin. I suspect that ibuprofen might help, but I'm a bit too long in the tooth to take it apparently 😊

All the best



Hi Vicky, I occasionally get painful restless legs at night. I am not sure if it is the same sort of pain you experience. In my case, like katiewalsh , I find that compression socks provide some (immediate) relief. And drinking tonic water (with quinine) in the evening helps prevent it. In other MPN sites, patients also recommend magnesium tablets for this sort of problem - but I have not tried that yet myself. Good luck. Susana x


Hey Vicky I found Tommy copper knee brace and his compression socks are amazing. I go thru same thing sometimes lyrics med work as well. Good luck susan


I read this a bit too quick and ended up thinking "what's a Tommy Cooper knee brace ?" Pfft..... :-)




Good morning Vicky, I too used to suffer with leg pain?

I use magnesium bath salts at night, I also keep warm with my bear honest and sets bed socks. A definite passion Keller but it's a night routine before bed time.

The water routine is a must as I find the persistence leg aches are worse if my fluid levels are some what reduced.


I have experienced leg bone pain since beginning hydroxy. It's so severe that on standing, whether it's day night, morning or evening, I stand up like a geriatric and straighten myself before I attempt to walk. I recently resumed taking my supplements, vitamin E and Gamolenic acid and find that it has eased along with the muscle pains in lower legs and all over really. It must be those that have caused the improvement because it is so obviously less debilitating than it was.

I have only been on the drug for 3 weeks now but taking clopidogrel for a few years.

Hope you can find some relief.


Thankyou all. Good to know I'm not alone or imagining it! My pain is worst in my thigh bones. I'll keep an eye on my fluid intake as I hadn't thought of that. I have suspected PV but am still undiagnosed at the moment , my next haem apt in 22nd May so hopefully I'll know more then x


Forgot to mention it’s best to put compression socks on first thing in morning. Raising legs above heart also helpful in getting blood down but I find socks better.


Zyrtec the antihistamine might be helpful. Apparently our misbehaving white cells dump histamine in our system, which causes inflammation, which causes swelling, which causes pain.

I have found good relief with this for my bone pain.

Take care.

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Thats interesting! Do you have ET? I am still waiting for a diagnosis 😕


Yes ET, apparently when there are too many blood cells, they can get pushed down into the long bones, like your legs creating the pain.


thankyou I didn't know that x


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