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MPN 101 video


Hi All,

While watching various videos, thanks to references this week from Fiona, Mary and Paul, came across the YouTube video...

MPN Horizons 2017 MPN 101 session CBC reading Dr. Martin Ellis

Recommend this video for MPN'ers who want to get a more in depth understanding of what a classic MPN actually is. It is rather long at 96 minutes. If you enjoyed science at school, you will love this video. I have watched it twice as it was so well presented.

Cheers, Simon

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Simon thank you so much for this video. I learned so much!


Thanks you Simon. I shall watch it in instalments. Mairead

Thanks Simon,

Haven’t watched it yet. I shall view it when I know I will not be disturbed.

Mary x

Just managed to watch this link. It is excellent!

What a great articulate presenter who manages to inform without confusion. I will definitely watch it again too.

Many thanks

Mary x

Thank you, Simon very informative

That was SO excellent! I am seeing my Dr. tomorrow and took several notes to ask him about. Thank you so much! M

Thank you Simon.That was a very clear explanation and very informative.

Thanks Simon, very informative.

Hi Simon

Brilliant. Thank you so much The phrase "Philadelphia negative MPN" now trips off the tongue. Bit dismayed that Dr Ellis said that his own agenda was to minimize the risk of a thrombotic event , whereas his patients' agenda was to feel better and live longer, and that the difference needed to be bridged: I did get the feeling that it was the patients who were expected to change. I liked the quiet joke about about the JAK2 mutation being a driver mutation, so the next lot of mutations were called passenger mutations.

If they have another conference this year would be most interesting to go.

Fascinating stuff - thanks for posting, learned an awful lot (and now even more confused, ha!)

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